Are Slots Predetermined?

If slots are predetermined any spinning or picking is just visual, for an outcome that was already decided. Well, many players don't like such an outcome. The outright answer would be that some are predetermined while other are not. However lets look at traits that will help you decide for yourself. Check out (here) ( ) for more.

When Slots Reboot

If you have ever noticed during power interruption; every time your slot machine resets that you will get some spin results and choices till the interruption time and your bonus is forced to restart and recover. There are players who see this as a sign of the bonus being predetermined. Slots by default can restore bonus progress.

One reason why this happens is simple: If players had prior knowledge that they could start over for better results by restarting the machine, they would implement it to manipulate it. There are manufacturers who have a way of replaying the slots. They do this so that for scenarios of importance they can display it for marketing purpose.

When a Bonus is Predetermined

First off, let us rule out all machines that aren't (Class III) Vegas-style, from this exercise as their bonuses will be predetermined prior to playing.When it comes to Bingo (Class II) Machines, the game determines all payouts and bonuses. Everything else is just window dressing after the the outcome is predetermined from the game.

With historic horse racing machines the payout outcome is determined by the selected horse. In this case since the final payout is decided already, the bonus is predetermined. For the case of VLT/VGMs, the games pull outcomes outside the machines thus predetermined. However, there are some that work well with random number generators (RNG).

When Slots are Likely not Predetermined

There are a few cases where slot bonuses play out the random number generators just like it is the case with real bonus. This include a case such as where an unpicked option reveal. If the other option are revealed and seen, they are likely not determined before. Other notable predetermined cases include:

  • Spinning the Wheel
  • Free spin bonuses

Free spin bonuses played on RNG-driven machines plays out randomly. There is a “Bonus Reels in Play” visible on the machine to confirm this. The next spin in play is determined after resolving the last spin. RNG-driven games that let players choose the bonus type such as bonus volatility games allows them to know outcomes after making the choices.

Predetermined Bonus Features

There are progressive slots that come with pick and win features that are normally predetermined. The odds of winning the progressive jackpot depends on the actual odds of a player choosing at least one jackpot symbol in relation to the actual number of locations they have to pick from. Fruit machines also have a pick to win feature.

Gamble games forms part of the features Incorporated into modern slots. The results generated from these games are generally predetermined. The games allow players to risk wins and make gambles that will result in them being doubled or lost.There are also Pick and Match games that have predetermined wins. You should note that bonus games don't need skills.

Does It Matter?

There are people who feel that it is unfair to have slots and bonuses that have been predetermined. However, there is also a large number of players who enjoy this kind of bonuses and slots. The reality is that random games pay-tables and math to determine what a player will be paid over time.

A predetermined bonus or slots pays a fixed amount of money over time. Players can't tell what changing the timing will do to RNG games and machines. As such, it becomes a mental exercise knowing whether a slot is predetermined or not. In the end, it is up to the gambler to choose the games they will play.